Year 2

Autumn Term overview – Year 2

A brief overview of the curriculum areas


To begin the year, Year 2 will be looking at Stories from a Familiar Setting, focusing on the topic ‘All about me and our local area’.  Year 2 children will be also reading and writing traditional stories during this term with a focus upon ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. They will be retelling stories using traditional story language. They will describe settings and main characters, with a focus on using adjectives and connectives in their writing.  We will also be creating some ‘Seasonal Poetry’ using a variety of styles.  Year 2 will continue with the Read Write Inc programme and will also be developing their comprehension skills in Guided Reading.  The children will learn a variety of spelling, grammar and punctuation skills throughout Literacy lessons as well as within their focused groups.


This term Year 2 will cover the following areas in Maths.  The children will present solutions to puzzles and problems in an organised way; explain decisions, methods and results in pictorial, spoken or written form, using mathematical language and number sentences. They will read and write two-digit and three-digit numbers in figures and words; describe and extend number sequences and recognise odd and even numbers.  Children will be asked to count up to 100 objects by grouping them and counting in tens, fives or twos; explain what each digit in a two-digit number represents, including numbers where 0 is a place holder; partition two-digit numbers in different ways, including into multiples of 10 and 1.  The children will order two-digit numbers and position them on a number line; use the greater than (>) and less than (<) sign. They will estimate a number of objects.  Pupils will add or subtract mentally a one-digit number or a multiple of 10 to or from any two-digit number; use practical and informal written methods to add and subtract two-digit numbers.  They will learn to understand that subtraction is the inverse of addition and vice versa; use this to derive and record related addition and subtraction number sentences.


Topic work


In our History topic the children will be taught that events in the past are important. They will understand why we commemorate Remembrance Day and the significance of wearing poppies.  Children will learn skills including ordering dates on a timeline, focusing on a significant historical figure of that time and looking into the history of the poppy, including the founding members of The Royal British Legion. 


In Geography we will look at the local area of Cramlington. Children will know their home address, label a simple plan and identify local geographical features.  Children will also be taught how to stay safe in their community and who they should approach if they need help.  Children will develop a number of skills, including understanding map symbols, using an atlas for reference, knowing the four countries within the United Kingdom and the surrounding seas and oceans. 



In Science the children will learn about the Season of Autumn. They will look at Scientific features including weather, temperature and observable changes in the local area.  Children will study living things and their habitats.  They will compare the differences between the living, dead and things that have never been alive.  They will also identify different habitats and which animals are suited to those habitats as well as being able to name a variety of plants within those habitats.  They will extend their investigation skills through developing a line of inquiry, making observations and becoming familiar with scientific vocabulary through the study of ‘Materials’ by comparing and identifying objects and everyday materials and how these can be changed.



This term the topic is ‘Christian Lifestyles’ The children will celebrate individuality and uniqueness. Children will learn that there are good traits in everyone. They will listen to Christian stories including The Christmas Story.  


This term Year 2 will focus on expectations of children within Shanklea School.  Within this, children will create a class charter, understand taking turns and sharing and  understanding what responsibility means.

Design & Technology

Children will design and make their own 3D poppy using a variety of materials and techniques.  Children will use a design criteria and evaluate their finished product. They will focus on joining techniques using different relevant materials.   



The children will explore the use of colour, line and shape inspired by Piet Mondrian and Bart Van Der Lek. Children will work together to create a collaborative piece based on the topic buildings inspired by James Rizzi.  Children will be given the opportunity to use different mediums to create different pieces of Art work with focusses on specific areas of art to help develop their detail and precision.  Children will also create a scene to depict Remembrance Day in the style of Georgia O’Keefe.



The children will continue to develop theie E.Safety learning by using a cartoom stimulus called Lee and Kim which relates to letting children explore and understand the importance of keeping personal details private.  The children will have the opportunity to use iPads to research information on topics studied throughout the term.  Children will continue to use School 360 by becoming more familiar with the different featues of this programme.


PE and Games

Children will begin to master basic movement skills of balance and co-ordination within their gymnastics sessions.  Children will be expected to use their bodies in different ways to roll, balance and travel on and around apparatus. 

In outdoor games sessions children will look at co-operation activites using different apparatus using large and small balls, quoits and beanbags.  All children will take part in indoor and outdoor lessons, therefore it is essential they have their full PE kit (PE T.Shirt, black shorts, black tracksuit bottoms), including trainers, in school for the full week.



Reading books will be changed three times a week in Year 2  

At Shanklea, we read primarily from the Oxford Reading Tree home reading scheme.  All children in KS1 read books from the Oxford Reading Tree programme but we recommend that children also read a variety and breadth of different text types at home in order to continue their learning.

English and Maths Homework in Year 2

Children will be receiving weekly English and Maths homework. This will consist of a written activity and an online activity. This will be alternated every week.

As part of this homework, children will sometimes be given the opportunity every fortnight to choose a book from their class’s reading area which they would like to read. There will be a selection of different homework related tasks that can be completed in their homework books for the book that they have chosen.


Children will receive weekly spellings every Wednesday based on their Read Write Inc phonics groups as well as looking at the different spelling rules that children in year 2 need to be aware of. They will also continue to learn the common frequency words for year 2. Children are expected to practise these words in preparation for a spelling test on the following Tuesday.

Number Facts

Year 2 will receive number facts on a weekly basis on a Friday. Children are expected to practice and learn these number facts and will be assessed on these during the week.