Year 3

Year 3


Autumn 2017 curriculum overview.


Below is an overview of the Year 3 curriculum for the Autumn term.  Some subject areas include a link to relevant websites that you and your child may find useful.  If you have any queries about any area of your child’s learning, please don’t hesitate to contact us.




All pupils will be developing their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills in all aspects of the English curriculum.  This term, Year 3 will be focussing on stories with familiar settings and poetry. 




The children will continue to follow the RWI spelling programme. Each child has a spelling book which they will bring home daily to practise. This book needs to be brought back to school each day and the children will be tested every other week. Please could children practise these at home on a separate piece of paper rather than in their spelling books.


Reading Rollercoaster


We will be continuing with the reading rollercoaster.  We would appreciate it if you could support your child in achieving their next award. Children need to bring in their reading record and reading book every day and must have it signed twice a week ready for changing on a Monday and Friday.  Children will also participate in a period of sustained, quiet reading time.  Children are now also reading an Accelerated  Reading book which they will receive for every third book they read, which they can complete iPad quizzes on to improve their understanding.




Children will continue to progress through the National Curriculum Unit A1-E1.  They will be introduced to a variety of mental and written strategies to work out calculations for all four operations (+, -, x, ÷).  Children will develop their knowledge and understanding of 2D and 3D shapes (faces, edges, vertices and right angles).  They will carry out investigations and solve word problems.

We will be continuing with the Maths Mountain this year and would appreciate it if you would support your child with learning their number facts each week.


Topic (Ancient Egypt)


The children will be learning about Ancient Egypt through an enquiry based approach called ‘Walk like an Egyptian!’ Through research and investigation they will find out about the way of life of people living in ancient Egypt. Children will develop their understanding of characteristic features of the ancient Egyptian society and how it has evolved over time.



Children in Year 3 will be investigating forces, including attraction and repulsion between magnets, materials attracted to a magnet and strength of magnets. They will carry out experiments where they will continue to learn about the importance of fair testing and will present their results in a range of ways before explaining what they have found out.


ICT (E safety)


The children will learn the importance of E - safety and ways that they can protect themselves whilst using the internet. We encourage the children to follow this at home as well as at school. Please could you support your child with keeping themselves safe using the Internet and social media.




In Art the children will be learning about Egyptian hieroglyphics. They will develop their artistic techniques to create a parchment in the style of the ancient Egyptians. They children will also explore 3D art using clay to create canopic jars.


Design Technology


In D.T. the children will be creating step pyramids that model those built by the ancient Egyptians. They will use mathematical skills of drawing and building nets which will then be decorated using sand.




The children will enjoy music lessons with a balance of listening, composing, performing and appraising.  Children will also be learning all of the words and singing songs related to Christmas.




Indoor and Outdoor PE kits must be brought in every Monday and will be sent home on a Friday. In Autumn 1, children in Year 3 will be focusing on multiskills, specifically balance, coordination and agility as well as hula hooping in PE. In games, they will be focusing on ball skills. In Autumn 2, Year 3 will be focusing on gymnastics and netball. Please make sure that children have appropriate waterproof shoes for outdoor PE. All children will have PE and outdoor games. The PE days are as follows for Year 3.

ER3: Wednesday mornings and Thursday afternoons.

DW3: Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.

Children should have both indoor and outdoor kits available for both PE sessions due to potential adverse weather conditions.


In Autumn 1, children in Year 3 will be furthering their understanding of e-safety and online privacy, as well as looking at rules and thinking ahead/planning.

In RE we will be looking at Christianity and the Bible. The children will learn more about special books and the Christmas story, and develop their understanding of the Christian faith and beliefs. 


Maths – MyMaths, Sumdog and School 360 will continue to be used for online homework. Written homework will be given at intervals throughout the term. English - All children will use their reading journal for their Literacy homework. The children will be asked to choose from a selection of tasks following on from work they have covered in class. The work may be based upon the books the children have chosen through Acceleread.

Number Facts

Number facts will be given to Year 3 on a Monday and will be tested on the following Friday. Thank you

Y3 Team

E. Rigg & D. Winter