Year 4

Year 4

Summer 2018 Curriculum Overview

Below is an overview of the Year 4 curriculum for the Summer term.  Some subject areas include a link to relevant websites that you and your child may find useful.  If you have any queries about any area of your child’s learning, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


All pupils will be developing their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills in all aspects of the Literacy curriculum.  This term, Year 4 will be working on Issues and Dilemmas (Mr Stink by David Walliams) we will then move on to study Imaginary Worlds (Charlie and the Chocolate factory).

Shared Reading

During the next term we will be reading Varjak Paw by David McKean and then moving onto study Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare. The children will be provided with a wide range of activities linked to the texts and will also be doing drama type activities and carrying out debates about the characters. Children will also participate in a period of sustained, quiet reading time.  Children are now also reading a free choice book which they will receive for every third book they read, which they can share with a parent or friend and enjoy together. As children progress towards the end of Year 4, there is a greater expectation that they read independently at their own pace, paying particular attention to their accuracy, fluency and comprehension skills. 


The children will continue to follow the RWI spelling programme and will be tested on these spellings fortnightly. Please could children practise these at home. In addition to this, we are also learning year 4 framework words and these will be tested every other week, the children will be given these to learn. Every child was provided with a copy of these words earlier this year but if you require another copy please just say..

Reading Rollercoaster

We will be continuing with the reading rollercoaster.  We would appreciate it if you could support your child in achieving their next award. Below is some information of how your child can move on the rollercoaster:

Year 4: Children need to read their school reading book twice a week and something of their own once. Please sign and date in your child’s reading record each time they read.


Children will continue to progress through the National Curriculum Units A2-E2.  They will be introduced to a variety of mental and written strategies to work out calculations for all four operations (+, -, x, ÷).  Children will develop their knowledge and understanding of multiplication and division and 2D and 3D shapes (faces, edges, vertices and angles). Children will also be learning about are and perimeter and will continue to learn about fractions and decimals. They will carry out investigations and solve word problems.

Topic: Comparing Contrasting Localities

This term the children will be studying Geography. They will be comparing the surrounding local area with Holy Island. Throughout the topic they will study and develop and an understanding of different types of land use. They will also develop the ability to make comparisons between life on Holy Island with life in Cramlington. The children will also develop confidence when using maps and atlases to locate continents, countries and a range of physical features.

There are regular opportunities for children to share their work with a specific audience. The audience will sometimes extend beyond the immediate school community. In feedback, specific links are made between the success of outcomes and the processes that have led to them. For example: talk and collaboration.

During this study the children will all participate in a visit to Nelson Hill and Holy Island to enhance their understanding further.

Science – Solids, Liquids and Gases

During this unit the children will look at the three states of matter and learn more about how these states change. They will carry out a series of experiments to discover more about temperature change and the effect this has on solids, liquids and gases. They will also learn more about how to use thermometers and data loggers.

Computing – Computer Science – Hour of Code

The children learn to write code and develop algorithms to solve an increasingly difficult range of online tasks. They will begin to use more efficient procedures to achieve outcomes in the quickest and most time consuming way.

RE- Judiasm

In RE the topic they will be covering is Judiasm.  In this unit they will examine festivals for example Shabbat and Hanukkah. Children will research ways in which Jewish lifestyle is affected by religious belief and practice they will look at a variety of scriptures and stories that shape Jewish belief and practice.

The question we will be exploring will be:

Why do the Jewish community often see life as a journey and how is this marked?


This term in PHSE the children will be learning about being part of the school community and the wider community. The children will then move onto setting goals for themselves. The children will be identifying their own strengths and making plans for the future. In PHSE we try to inspire the children to be leaders who are innovative, passionate and confident.


During the Summer term, Year 4 children will learn how to describe people, including features, personal traits and what they are wearing. They will also learn the vocabulary for sports. This will include saying what they are good at and their opinions about different sports.


During the Spring Term, the Year 4 children will continue to learn to play the tin whistle. They will use musical notation, including the pitch of some notes and how to use the beat to count the length of notes and rests to read music that they will learn to play. They will learn the right hand notes and play examples of traditional music.


Children will look carefully at a painting of Holy Island for shape and colour. The children will be taught to use 4b pencil to record tone,texture and shape. After this the children will go on to use oil pastels to create their own version of the painting. The final activity will be for the children to paint their own interpretation of Holy Island.

Once they have completed the task they will respond and evaluate the art by expressing ideas and opinions.

Design Technology

The children will begin to use Lego WeDo to design and build control orientated sequences to solve everyday problems. The will work in small groups to develop their planning and construction skills throughout the project.


Year 4 will be developing their athletics and team games in outdoor games on Wednesday afternoons. They will also be covering tennis during their addiotinal PE slot with Ms Rigg and Mr King. Indoor and outdoor PE kits must be brought in every Monday and will be sent home on a Friday.  Please make sure that children have appropriate footwear for outdoor PE.


Maths - MyMaths and Sumdog will continue to be used for online homework. Written homework will be given at intervals throughout the term. English - All children have a reading journal in which they will continue to carry out writing tasks linked to a book which they have read. This will be set every other week to enable the children to have the time to complete the homework to the highest standard. The children will be asked to choose from a selection of tasks following on from work they have covered in class.