Year 4

Spring Term 1 2018 Curriculum Overview


Below is an overview of the Year 4 curriculum for the Spring term.  Some subject areas include a link to relevant websites that you and your child may find useful.  If you have any queries about any area of your child’s learning, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


During the next half term the children will be exploring a variety of poems and producing their own poem in the style of Brian Moses, based on the poem ‘Walking With My Iguana’. The children will then move on to reading a variety of historical stories with the main focus being the book ‘Escape From Pompeii’.


The children will continue to follow the RWI spelling programme. Each child has a spelling book which they will bring home daily to practise. This book needs to be brought back to school each day and the children will be tested every week. Please could children practise these at home on a separate piece of paper rather than in their books. In addition to this, we are also learning Year 4 framework words. Every child will be provided with a copy of these words early in the year.

Reading Rollercoaster

We will be continuing with the reading rollercoaster.  We would appreciate it if you could support your child in achieving their next award. Below is some information of how your child can move on the rollercoaster:

Year 4: Children need to read their school reading book twice a week and something of their own once. Please sign and date in your child’s reading record each time they read.


The children will continue the year by working through the National Curriculum Units D1-A2. They will develop their skills of measurement and expand their understanding of time. The children will continue to improve their use of formal calculation methods and use of mental strategies to solve problems.


Topic – Anglo Saxons

In this unit, children will be learning about the invasion of Scots and Anglo Saxons in the 5th century. They will investigate where the invading troops came from and where in Britain they managed to settle. They will then go on to investigate how life in Britain changed as a result. 

 Science – Electrical Circuits

During this unit the children will look at how electrical circuits are developed. They will gain an understanding of electrical safety and the difference between mains and battery powered appliances. As we move forward the children will gain practical experience of building circuits using appropriate components and develop a grasp of identifying whether a circuit will work or not and be able to troubleshoot circuit problems.

Computing – Computer Science - Networks

The children will continue Year 4 by gaining an understanding of computer networks. They will do this by carrying out a survey of our school LAN. The children will learn appropriate vocabulary, including LAN, WAN, Server, Router, Switch etc. We will use role play activities to gain a better knowledge of how files move around a network. 

Religious Education

This half term the children will be studying Hinduism. They will study places of worship and the Holy Book. They will explore Hindu lifestyle and the effect religion has on it.


During the Spring term, Year 4 children will learn how to describe places in town, including giving directions. They will also learn how to buy items in a shop. After that, they will learn how to describe people, including features, personal traits and what they are wearing.


During the Spring Term, the Year 4 children will continue with learning to play the chime bars. They will learn some musical notation, including the pitch of some notes and how to use the beat to count the length of notes and rests. They will also be given the opportunity to play in groups

Art - Weaving

In art the children will be creating a loom and weaving a landscape picture based on Anglo Saxon times. They will plan their design, use wool and sticks to create their picture and then evaluate their final piece of work. Later in the term, the children will be finding out about the importance of Runes during Anglo Saxon times. They will create their own set of Runes using clay and will be able to write and translate messages.

Design Technology – Lego WeDo

We are delighted to be able to include Lego WeDo on our Technology curriculum for the first time. These lessons will allow the children to develop their construction techniques and they will learn how to use computers to control their Lego models. Later in the unit the children will be given problems to solve. They will be asked to design then build model solutions to overcome the problem posed.

Physical Education

Indoor and Outdoor PE kits must be brought in every Monday and will be sent home on a Friday. The children will continue the year by doing dance and movement, focussing on balance, agility and coordination. During outdoor PE the children will be learning skills associated with rugby such as ball handling, passing, moving and non-contact tackling.

P.E. and Games days are as follows:

AK4 - Wednesday and Thursday

SH4 - Wednesday and Friday


Maths - MyMaths and Sumdog will continue to be used for online homework. Written homework will be given at intervals throughout the term.

English - All children have a reading journal in which they will continue to carry out writing tasks linked to a book which they have read. This will be set every other week to enable the children to have the time to complete the homework to the highest standard. The children will be asked to choose from a selection of tasks following on from work they have covered in class. The work may be based upon the books the children have chosen through Acceleread or class reader.