Year 4 Alnwick Residential Parents Meeting

22nd September 2017
Parents with children attending the Y4 Alnwick residential trip are invited to attend a parents’ meeting on Tuesday 26th September 2017, 3.30p.m.
At this meeting we will be able to give parents and carers a better idea of the planned activities during the trip and the suggested kit list.
This is an amazing opportunity for the children to visit a different part of Northumberland and get involved in a whole range of activities that we would not be able to offer readily in school.
We bet it was only a short time ago that you were peeling a tearful child off your leg at the school gates; soon it will be your turn to “weep at the thought of them going on a residential trip!” Hopefully, we can answer your questions – and ease any worries – about the children’s first residential visit.
We look forward to seeing you.