Year 6

Year 6 Curriculum Overview


Autumn Term  2019


Use of Class Diary 

Your child will be provided with a class diary which they must bring to school every day. Children will be required to record all homework and equipment necessary for each day. Important dates will be recorded. Please ensure parents sign the diary once a week.


This half term the children will complete a unit of work on persuasion; this will focus on the development of persuasive techniques using AFOREST.  Children will study the novel War Horse which will encourage the children to work on their inference when reading, punctuation, sentence structure and grammar skills.  The children will also study the poet Benjamin Zephaniah in order to address issues around prejudice and discrimination.  The children will read a range of poetry and perform their own. 


Children will progress through the National Curriculum Units  A1– D1. They will work through different methods of calculation, using more efficient mental and written methods. They will increase their knowledge of percentages, fractions and decimals before progressing onto a range of different ways of handling data and statistics. They will also use protractors to measure angles and construct 2D shapes accurately. There will be a greater focus on the presentation of formal written strategies and using reasoning skills to solve problems. The children will also complete weekly arithmetic sessions to develop their calculation skills with all four operations, fractions and decimals.

This year, the Maths Mountain will be running again. Children can earn certificates for consistently good scores Arithmetic tests (which take place on Friday mornings) and for bettering their own personal targets. 


This term the children will complete a unit of work on Electrical Circuits; they will learn the functions of different electrical components and how to represent them in circuit diagrams. The children will be taught to construct a range of series and parallel circuits and consider where these are used in everyday life. They will then progress onto a unit on Optics. The children will learn the different components of the human eye and they function together to enable us to see.


 The children will study a unit ‘Think before you share’.  Children will develop their understanding about posting things online and be aware of their own digital footprint.  The children will understand the lasting effect of this and how others then perceive them.  This unit will encourage children to make and maintain a positive online reputation by managing their privacy and protecting their personal information.


In Humanities  the children will be studying The Vikings.  The children will learn about how Vikings settled, homes they built and way of life.  The children will look into Viking Gods   and study through links with other areas of the curriculum such as maths, art and literacy. 


The children will learn musical notation and pitch.  The children will build up to performing through reading and understanding music.  They will compare and contrast their work in musical terms and express their own views on the music.


During the Autumn term, Year 6 children will be introduced to the future tense by talking about what they are going to do tomorrow or at the weekend. They will also learn how to describe themselves and others using adjectives. They will then learn to describe family members and what tasks they do in the home and what they do at the weekend.

PE / Games Information

Children should have a suitable PE / games kit for inside and outside.  For indoor PE, this should be black shorts and a plain white or school t-shirt. For outdoor lessons the children will need an appropriate change of footwear and warm tracksuit style clothing. Children will not be allowed to participate in physical activities if they are wearing jewellery. All children are encouraged to wear the school logo kit, details of which can be provided by the office. To allow for weather conditions and variations in timetable, children should bring both kits on the following days: 


This term the children will research a number of faiths and make comparisons.  The children will express the faiths they have learned through art.  The children will have the opportunity to ask questions about different faiths and show their understanding through class and group discussions.  


 We will begin the year with a transition unit based on the book ‘My fantastic, elastic brain’. This will be an introduction to how the brain works, the different parts of the brain and their functions. They will develop self awareness and self esteem by exploring interests, likes and dislikes and how they can control their brain to help them meet targets.