Year 6 SATs

18th May 2018
A message to all Year 6s at the end of SATs week -
Shanklea is so proud of you all and you should all be proud of yourselves! We congratulate you all for your stunning effort in the SATs this week, but more importantly for all your amazing hard work and effort over the course of this year.
No matter what outcomes you receive, your teachers and parents are extremely proud of you. We know you tried your best and that is all that anyone can ask.
Reading, Writing and Maths are obviously very important subjects and will serve children well in life, but they are not the ‘be-all and end all’. Over the course of this year, we have seen our Year 6s achieve many personal goals and successes. They have grown in confidence, ability and personality and are maturing into wonderful young people who we know will continue to shine throughout secondary school.
The SATs don’t show how each child has contributed to the school and community with the responsibilities they have taken so seriously such as being a Peer Mentor, School Councillor, Digital Leader, or Sports Leader. They fail to show the amazing athleticism on the sporting field of our students whether as part of the football team, cricket team, rugby team, netball team, athletics squad or basketball team. Neither do they celebrate the wonderful pieces of art they may have produced or the poetry they have written, the amazing persuasive letters or the music they have composed and performed. SATs are only part of the picture. Well done to you all!