Year 6 SATs Free Breakfast Club

28th April 2017
To keep Y6 Shanklea students energized, alert, and at the top of their game, each morning from Monday 8th May to Friday 12th May 2017 a free breakfast will be provided from 8.15a.m.
We will give free healthy breakfasts to Year 6 pupils taking SATs. We are happy to say, that cereal, porridge and toast will be available for the children to eat whilst they settle down and chat with their friends.
Pupils who have eaten our nutritious breakfasts are more alert, have increased concentration levels and improved educational attainment. Recent university research shows a robust link between children eating a good breakfast and doing well in exams. Again this year, Shanklea Primary School will offer breakfasts to all Year 6 pupils so that they focus on their SATS rather than hunger.
A lively, brain fuelling time will be had by all!