Year 6 Workshop

19th January 2018
On Thursday 25th January 2018, Shanklea Primary School will host a Y6 workshop about racist and religious hate crime and bullying. The workshops will start with a PowerPoint with embedded videos of children and young people talking about their experiences of hate crime and some acted scenarios based on real experiences. The students will then have a guided discussion and go on to group activities. The workshops will cover issues such as Islamophobia, antisemitism, racism against communities and cyberbullying Other activities will include demonstrating how escalation of haterelated actions becomes more serious out of school and can be regarded as crimes and have serious consequences for young people engaged in them. The pupils will hear the words of children and young people as a stimulus for their thinking. As well as thinking about the moral and affective issues, pupils will be encouraged to become up standers, not bystanders, and to form alliances with friends to be more empowered to stand up to identity related bullying if they are targets, witnesses or know that it is going on; and to tell someone. We are confident the children will find the session thought provoking, engaging and enjoyable.