Attending School during Lockdown

29th January 2021
As lockdown continues, schools have experienced an increase in demand for school places; partly due to an expansion of the critical worker list; and the definition of vulnerable children entitled to a space, which now includes 'those who may have difficulty engaging with remote education at home (for example due to a lack of devices or quiet space to study)'.
The result is that schools are becoming much busier than during the last lockdown. This is causing concern among staff and parents, with many fearing the implications on the fight against the virus if so many children are still in school.
It is extremely important that places are only taken by those who genuinely need them and not taken up needlessly. We absolutely see the need for our school to provide education in a secure setting for those children who need it, however families sending children into school when they don’t need to, is a concern. Government advice is that children should be home schooled wherever possible.
Everyone should consider carefully their own circumstances and be able to genuinely say they are doing the right thing, as difficult as that may be.