Cramlington Voluntary Youth Project

Our school has a creative culture that supports other learning communities like ‘Cramlington Voluntary Youth Project’ and helps close the achievement gap. Young people are taught creative and constructive use of leisure time and discovery of talents are well documented.  Sense of belonging and cohesion at a community level is distinctively nurtured through this joint working. (Follow the link

School and subject leaders wish to empower members of the community so set up joint initiatives or signpost to creative programmes which provide inspiration, knowledge and tools that can unlock imagination and originality in every child. Arts leaders champion creativity and critical thinking because they are essential skills in school and the 21st century workforce. Both institutions share the same ethos and have built organisations with flexibility and dexterity which promotes leadership and creativity to adapt to constantly changing demands and environment. 

Inclusion in the arts and a curriculum of learning and activities has enhanced social and personal education too.  Our site is used by the Scouts and Brownies on a weekly basis which gives these young people the chance to relate better with each other and to different adults.