Daft As A Brush Visitors

21st May 2021
This week, we were very lucky to have a visit from Daft as a Brush to thank us for raising money for their charity. As we’ve shared with you in previous newsletters, a few girls in Mrs Hagan’s Year 4 class had sold their toys to raise money and sent a lovely card and the funds to Daft as a Brush. Two volunteers, Alan and Jean, came to Shanklea and shared a video presentation about the charity and how they help patients who are having treatment by providing free transportation. They praised the children for their behaviour and for being very attentive during the presentation. Jean said she couldn't believe how focussed the children were and they were both very impressed with the children’s enthusiasm. We would like to thank Daft as a Brush for organising the visit as the children loved it. They are all now wanting to sponsor an ambulance. Mrs Hagan, who organised the presentations, was so proud of all of the children and was pleased to hear great things about Shanklea children.