Gifted & Talented

Gifted and Talented


Throughout the curriculum we plan our teaching and learning with a view to ensuring each child has the opportunity to aspire to the highest level of personal achievement.


As a commitment to the pursuit of excellence, we recognise and support the needs of those children in our school who are identified as ‘gifted’ and/or ‘talented’ according to national guidelines. To avoid ambiguity we have adopted the DFE and CQS guidelines.


Personalised learning responds well to the various needs and experiences of all pupils. Creative and interactive approaches across the curriculum provide opportunities to work collaboratively and  to make choices.  We are committed to outstanding teaching which encourages questioning, debate, experimentation and critical reflection which promotes challenge, pace and a strong sense of achievement.


Imaginative use of new technologies and the ‘outdoor classroom’ is a means of raising the quality of teaching and learning in the primary curriculum. We have a rich and varied extra-curricular provision taking place early in the mornings, lunchtimes and after school. After school clubs are organised on different days to encourage maximum participation and foster talent.  Children excel in all areas of the curriculum which impacts dramatically upon self - esteem and emotional well -being.


We work with other schools and the wider community in sharing facilities, human and other resources with a view to developing learning opportunities in the arts; for example Gifted  and Talented Creative Writing Day; Mathematicians. Pupils are signposted to gifted and talented academies and specific events to nurture interest and abilities. We work in close partnership with local and national institutions – Seven Stories, Tyneside Theatre, Woodhorn Colliery museum to expand learning and to use experts.  We host termly weeks and involve professionals from the creative industries to ensure access and entitlement to the Arts and extend the pupils’ knowledge and skills set; e.g fashion designers and confectioners.