Government Guidance

18th June 2021
The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, announced this week that he was not able to say that we have met all four tests for proceeding with Step 4 and thinks it is sensible to wait just a little longer. This will give time for the vaccination programme to protect people from the virus in light of the new variant. He felt confident we will not need to wait beyond 19 July. The government will monitor the position every day and if, after two weeks, the risk has diminished then Step 4 might proceed sooner. Schools have been advised to keep our current protective measures in place until there is a further announcement on Step 4 of the roadmap to help reduce transmission of the virus. We continue to receive daily updates from the Government and will advise families of any changes to arrangements as soon as we can. At present, therefore, we remain unable to say if families can attend future events this term such as sports days.