Appropriate Social Media Behaviour

  • Set your privacy settings for any social networking site.
  • Ensure any technological equipment, (including your mobile phone) is password/ PIN protected.
  • Consider having professional online accounts/ identities if you wish to have online contact with service users, their families and other professionals.
  • Make sure that all publicly available information about you is accurate and appropriate.
  • Remember online conversations may be referred to as ‘chat’ but they are written documents and should always be treated as such.
  • Make sure that you know the consequences of misuse of digital equipment.
  • If you are unsure who can view online material, assume it is public. Remember - once information is online you have relinquished control.
  • Switch off Bluetooth.
  • When you receive any new equipment (personal or private) make sure that you know what features it has as standard and take appropriate action to disable/ protect.