Helping Others

4th December 2020
We know that there are many families in our community who need some extra support.
As part of our kindness drive, this half term, we would like to donate as many food items to our local Food Bank as possible. We are asking that any families who can or would like to, to give one item from the list shown on the right. These are items that are currently most in need in the lead up to Christmas which will be donated to the food bank.
The Food Bank have also said that it would be great if we could donate items such as: crisps, chocolates, or other Christmas snacks with long dates. They will also accept toiletries as donations too.
If you would like to make a donation, please bring it into school by Wednesday 9th December and place it in Santa’s Grotto in themain  school yard.
We appreciate that, given the constant challenges throughout this year, some of our families may also need support from the food bank this year too. Food Bank have said that any of our families who would find a one-off Christmas parcel useful can be signed up to the E voucher scheme, which is very easy to process.