Our Extra Curricular Activities

Shanklea Primary School is really proud to be able to offer an even wider range of extra-curricular activities this term including : Athletics, Art, Booster classes for English and Maths, Cookery, Cycling, Enterprise, French, Fun Family Phonics, Hip Hop Dance, Homework, Judo, MultiSkills,
Music, Subject Specific Tutoring, Skipping, Swimming and Zumba.

These extra-curricular activities will hopefully help the children discover hidden talents, meet people they might otherwise not encounter, and learn about things outside their own environment.

Proven research shows that extra-curricular activities can empower pupils to make their own decisions and help them gain vital experience and the skills to lead them on the path to their future. Through participation in sports and the Arts, pupils learn cooperation, teamwork and time
management and develop the ability to show responsibility, solve problems and communicate effectively.