How much does your child really know about how to keep safe online?

Are you as parents sufficiently aware to know how to protect them?

To raise awareness of children and young people's online safety with the people that care for them the or websites have specially produced ‘Back to School’ resources, which will give parents and carers everything they  need.

The pack contains:

  • a fully scripted presentation to deliver to parents and carers
  • an animated film on the increasing influence of social media
  • a guide to running successful awareness raising events that really grab attention
  • a letter for parents and carers - ‘Taking control’
  • a parents’/carer’s checklist

To access all of these resources please register or log in to your account and download the ‘Parents and Carers Awareness Raising Pack’.  Once logged in please visit the Resources Area and select the pack from the 'Purely for Parents Presentation' Dropdown Box, located on the Key Stage 1, 2 and 3/4 tabs.

If you are wondering why awareness raising is so important, a few facts give you the answers.

  • CEOP received more than 6,291 reports, including more than a third from members of the public. A quarter of these related to online grooming, with the distribution of indecent images the second most reported activity.
  • Most children are confident they can keep themselves safe online, however, research suggests we have a way to go.
  • 22% of 12 – 15s say that they’d be happy to give out their email address online.  A further 29% would have some concerns, but would still give out their email address.
  • 52% of 11-16 year old internet users say they find it easier to be themselves online, 47% talk about different things online than offline, and 27% talk about more private things online than when with other people face to face.


  • Half of parents (48%) with children aged 5-15 who use the internet at home think they know less about the internet than their children do.  This rises to 70% of parents of 12-15 year olds.
  • Almost half of UK children (49%) go online in their bedroom or another private room and half (52%) at a friend’s house.

(Ofcom Media Literacy)

CEOP’s Thinkuknow education programme has to date been viewed eight million times. With the help of you and your school/ organisation we can reach even more children with vital safety messages and help their parents/carers play their part in protecting them.  Please act now to create a safer online environment for children. Log in to your account to download CEOP’s new parents’ and carers' resources.