Moving Words

MOVING WORDS is a Leeds based partnership who arrange tailor-made performance poetry, movement & drama workshops for Shanklea Primary School This is what they said about us when they last visited the school:

To the Splendid Children and Staff of Shanklea

‘We just wanted to say a very big’Thankyou’ for making us so welcome. Julie and I visit lots of different schools but both of us agree that there is something special abour Shanklea Primary School. We are always so impressed by the friendliness and excellent manners shown by children in every class; by the enthusiasm shown in all our workshops and, of course by the outstanding ‘Shanklea Sense of humour’ which must never disappear. However, what also impresses us is the way in which so many of you enjoy yourselves, have ‘a good laugh’ but then quickly become serious when it’s time to work.

Although we have to travel quite along way to work with you sll, we really don’t mind at all because – well, you’re great!’…. (Visit the link