Our Outdoor Environment

Our Outdoor Environment

The children have daily access to a range of activities within our outdoor area. Challenge and exciting experiences outdoors impact in a positive way upon children’s intellectual, physical, moral and social development.

As reflected in the EYFS framework, the children have opportunities to access all of the areas of the curriculum in a natural outdoor environment. Regular opportunities for sustained periods of play in a rich and stimulating outdoor environment offer a wide range of benefits to young children

The children have access to a large sand pit, mud kitchen, digging areas, role play, number and mark making areas as well as opportunities for physical development on our climbing frames. They also have the opportunity to learn about the importance of and how to care for living things through our gardening areas, where the children plant their own plants and vegetables.

In the EYFS we are constantly developing and changing our outdoor area to further enhance the children’s opportunities for learning in the outdoors.

Creativity within the EYFS

The importance of imaginative and creative skills forms a specific section of the EYFS curriculum. Within their learning environment the children have access to areas which aim to build these skills both through adult-led and child initiated activities.

Creative activities are included within daily planning, both adult-led and child initiated. Within the Creative Area the children have the opportunity to express themselves creatively using a variety of materials.

The children have access to role play areas both indoors and outdoors, within which they are encouraged to develop imaginative play skills in small groups.

As well as the main outdoor area which consists of both grass and paving, the children have access to a Creative Area just outside the reception classrooms. Here the children have opportunities for sensory play, music and art. As well as being able to access musical instruments independently, the children also have a weekly music session where they learn and express themselves in all styles of music and movement. They also have opportunities for self-expression and confidence building in our Performance Area.