Artists and Organisations

The school considers links with the professional arts world to be of primary importance in education practice because of the enrichment opportunities for students and professional opportunities for staff. The school values partnerships with the professional arts sector because it exposes staff and pupils to best contemporary practice. The approach is inclusive, seeking to involve pupils of all abilities but also aiming for excellence. The artists and arts organisations may become partners with the school based on recommendations from school colleagues or browses and searches on the arts council website. Working in collaborative school partnerships and networks has secured generous curriculum time and financial resources to the arts.  The school has strong links with the arts council and lottery funded schemes so have an awareness of quality providers. We fully exploit funding opportunities to support access to the arts in school. The school is committed to the pursuit of artists and art organisations in fostering a positive climate. By ensuring that staff work alongside arts professionals, it support continuous professional development for staff – consolidation, development but also sustainability of existing arts activity and groups.