PSHCE Statement of Intent


At Shanklea Primary School we believe that PSHE and citizenship should enable children to become healthier, more independent and more responsible members of society. We encourage our pupils to play a positive role in contributing to the life of the school and the wider community. This enables the children to develop their own self-worth. We ensure that the children experience the process of democracy through participation in the school council. Children are taught about their rights and responsibilities. They learn to appreciate what it means to be a positive member of a diverse and multicultural society.



  • Develop the knowledge and skills to enable them to become confident, healthy individuals
  • Develop a safe and healthy lifestyle
  • Understand what makes a good relationship for others
  • Have respect for others in school and in the outside world
  • Develop own sense of self-esteem and emotional well-being and encourage others to do so
  • To make the most of their own abilities
  • Be independent and responsible members of a community, such as school
  • Develop knowledge of ways in which individuals can contribute to society
  • Develop self-confidence and self-esteem, and make informed choices regarding personal and social issues
  • Develop good relationships with other members of the community
  • Acquire enduring values and aspirations

PSHE Policy and Documents


Ofsted Report 2013

Inspectors reported that:

'Pupils thrive in a caring and nurturing school which helps them to learn well.'

'Pupils behave very well. All pupils at this very welcoming and caring school become confident and motivated learners. They get along exceptionally well together and show very high levels of respect to adults and each other. They feel very safe in school.'


Personal Social and Health Education


A Policy on Health Education, in line with new Personal, Social and Health Education Guidelines provided by the New National Curriculum 2014, has been drawn up for all year groups. Aspects of this subject are already covered in subjects such as Science, PE and Personal and Social Development, including aspect of SEAL which is delivered through mixed age Castle groups.  Areas to be covered include Food and Nutrition, Safety, Looking after Ourselves, Relationships with Others and Use of Drugs and Medication.


Sex Education will be taught as part of the above programme from Reception class at a level relevant to children’s understanding.  Emphasis will be placed on social relationships and physical changes such as growth.


Citizenship Curriculum


At Shanklea Primary, we aim to produce young people who are well able to act as team members in the future. We encourage children to recognise their rights and responsibilities. The School Council and peer mentoring project promotes pupil decision making. At the start of each academic year, the pupils elect representatives to the School Council. The School Council meets on a fortnightly basis to negotiate and resolve school issues.  These elected members from each year group act as the children’s voice in a mature and responsible way.


Sports leaders and Peer Supporters


The Peer supporters and Sports leaders from Year 6 look out for children who are on their own and ask them if they want to play. They support adults on duty on the yard. The Sports leaders wear black sweatshirts and the Peer supporters wear a cap so everyone knows who they are, and who to ask for help.


Help may consist of comfort, escorting a young child to the toilet, checking that the gates are closed, involving those who find playtime difficult, in games or helping an adult to dress a scrape or cut. The children model consistent adult behaviour and standards contributing to the whole school ethos.


We want children to feel happy, safe and take responsibilty.


Health and Safety


We aim to provide a variety of experiences across the curriculum that will establish good habits and develop in children the knowledge, skills and attitudes to promote good health throughout their lives.


Links are fostered with outside agencies, e.g School nurse, Dental Health Educator, Road Safety Officer Police and Fire Services.


Child protection


Pupils should be aware that the school will take any responsibility and action to ensure the safety of its pupils. In cases where the school has reason to be concerned that a child may be subject to ill treatment, neglect or other forms of abuse, staff may have no alternative but to follow the Northumberland County Child Protection Procedures and inform Social Services of their concern.