Remotely Christmas with Cramlington Town Council

20th November 2020
Friday 11 December 2020, is Christmas Jumper Day and it will be a wonderfully Christmassy Day for lots of Northumberland schools.
At Shanklea:
 Children will be able to watch Santa at Northumberland Zoo via a live stream.
 Elves will bring colouring books and pencils into the school – the children will see the elves on screen and then they will magically appear in the school.
 There will be lots of fun activities throughout the day in a festival atmosphere.
There are also some workshops leading up to the day which will be recorded, edited and streamed out too. These include cooking, making your own Christmas presents, Christmas art and zany drawings. It will be a truly multi-generational day. This will include sessions for adults at home and Care Homes; and for families in their homes. We will provide more details soon.