Sports Leaders

Sports leader role:

This Sport Leader award is an excellent starting point on the leadership pathway, where the children at Shanklea can develop, apply and practise key leadership qualities.

Sports leader duties:

Sports leaders work on a rota to plan and deliver playground games throughout school. The games are carried out in 3 groups: Reception, KS1 and then lower KS2.

The sports leaders are also responsible for tidying the sports cupboard at the end of each lunchtime and preparing resources for the teachers for their afternoon PE lessons.

Sports leaders are often required to support younger children when they go to festivals and they also help the adults to run the activities at these. They also play a major role in sports days setting up events, supervising activities and rewarding the children with castle points. Sports leaders have a positive impact on our school playground at break and lunch times. These children help reduce the number of injuries which are sustained and and rare incidents of children 'falling out' which may occur during unstructured activities.