Wonderful Well-being

2nd October 2020
Nationally, lockdown is having a devastating effect on some children and young people’s mental health. It’s been unbelievably hard, but together, we can make a difference and show young people they are not alone. We know many of you and the young people in your lives have been going through a difficult time, and it can be hard to feel positive. But you’re not alone. Friday 9th October is Young Minds Mental Health Awareness Day. The theme is Hello Yellow! and we are asking our pupils to do just that - whether they wear some yellow socks or go the whole hog and come dressed in yellow from head to toe, we would love to see them brighten up our community. At a time when many people are struggling with mental health issues and it can be hard to feel positive, Young Minds works to support pupils and their families. In school we will look at the importance of resilience when facing challenges but also remembering the impact that fun and laughter can have on our lives! So we are also challenging all pupils to come to school on Friday with a joke - the worse the better - to share with their bubble! If you are interested in learning more about Young Minds you could go to their website https://youngminds.org.uk/ where there is a parents helpline available. We intend to join our friends, colleagues and loved ones in a show of solidarity. By taking part in #HelloYellow, our support means Young Minds can help even more young people and their families at a time when it's needed most.
So Shanklea Primary School will join thousands of schools, offices and community groups on Friday 9th October by taking part in #HelloYellow
It’s simple: wear yellow and have fun! (No donations necessary, thank you.)
Whether we’re all two-metres apart, back to normal or locked-down and keeping it virtual #HelloYellow should be a fun-filled day on 9 October! Why not dig out your neon socks, custard scarf and banana hat and let's show young people they're not alone with their mental health!