RWInc Spelling

At Shanklea Primary School we follow RWInc Spelling from Y2 - Y6 a teacher-directed
programme for children in Year 2 and above who have completed Read Write Inc.
Across school we aim for three spelling spots per week which take approximately 10-20
minutes to complete depending on the activities covered within the session. The content of
the spelling sessions match the National Curriculum requirements.
Spelling is taught cumulatively and systematically, with deliberate, focused practice.
Constant revision and practice are key to children’s success. Children learn the routines and
behaviours necessary for each activity, and practise these until they use them automatically.
This allows them to focus on what matters most – learning to spell.
RWInc Spelling builds upon teaching strategies and spelling activities from Read Write Inc.
Phonics and the programme’s core activities teach:
● alternative spellings of vowels
● alternative spellings of consonants
● homophones
● the impact of adding prefixes and suffixes to root words
● how to spell plural nouns
● ‘silent’ letters
● unusual letter strings
● word families.
Please see the attachments below to see how RWInc Spelling matches the National
Curriculum for each year group and how we assess RWInc Spelling at Shanklea Primary