Dear Parents/Carers,
I hope that you and your families continue to be well during the COVID-19 period. I appreciate all parents’ and carers’ efforts and commitment at this extraordinary time.

Keep reminding yourself that there’s no single right way of doing this home-schooling. This is a very unique set of circumstances, and we’ll all find a way through it in different ways. Remember use these times as an opportunity to learn with your child and don’t be too rigid in your approach. It is not possible to replicate a usual school experience at home. Children and young people have very different home circumstances. Some will have good access to the internet. Others will not.

I do hope that your child is finding it straightforward to access the work set by their teachers. We believe that it is important during this period of closure that your child continues to complete some of the school activities set to the best of their ability. Please support them by ensuring they are frequently checking the ‘School 360’ message board. Please click on your child's class to find the work the Teacher has set.

However, we would like to remind everyone that you do not need to do every task. Please choose the ones your child wants to do and will enjoy doing. Trying to do too much will only deter your child from learning and lead to burn out and frustration for you and your child, as it’s far too intense.

If you have any queries about this at all, do not hesitate to contact your child’s teachers. We will endeavour to do our best to help and support. Everyone remains fully committed to supporting your children in the best way possible over the coming weeks.

On consultation, it has been agreed that ‘Optional Themed Activities’ will be made available to families for the period which was originally scheduled to be the Easter holidays. Teachers have been asked to develop some creative, fun mini-projects for this period so that families have some flexibility and can arrange for the learning to happen if and when it is convenient. It is more important now than ever to be present and enjoy the company of your family. We want to encourage everyone to spend Easter with their loved ones.

Nonetheless, school will be open throughout the Easter holidays, apart from Good Friday and Easter Monday. This is to support further the children of key workers who require this ongoing provision. Again as per the government advice, please only use this provision if it is absolutely necessary for your work
For those parents who have informed us they are critical workers please can you continue to text or email our admin account the times that you will be sending in your child/children - it is important that this is used to let us know in good time when we can expect your child in school so we can provide the appropriate provision and level of staffing. Also do please let us know if your booking is no longer needed so we can adjust staffing accordingly.
We understand that this is a difficult and worrying time and we aim to keep parents, carers and Shanklea students updated through our regular letters and bulletins.

Everyone of us has, in one way or another, felt the worry and pressure the last few weeks have brought. Your children are no different. They may not understand exactly what is happening, but they know that it’s strange, that their lives and routines have changed suddenly and without any real understanding.

We all want to support the children and young people we are caring for, and working with, to understand their feelings and adjust to the current circumstances. By visiting, ForChildrenandFamilies, Northumberland County Council are
● Supporting emotional wellbeing for young people and families
● Specific leaflets for Year 6 pupils
● Information designed for children and young people with additional needs
● Support for parents who now have their children at home.

What matters most to every member of staff at Shanklea Primary School is that your children are well.That they are happy and feel safe and that they understand that everything is going to get better.

We will keep the work coming and will try to make it as fun, engaging and interesting as we possibly can but in true Shanklea’s family style we HAVE to put your children’s happiness and health first......

Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs Helen Brown
Year 5 and 6 Author Visit - Julie Pike

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