Feedback from Parents

Parental involvement in children’s education from an early age has a significant effect on educational achievement. 

In November 2014 we introduced the Online Learning Journals Tapestry.  We have received outstanding feedback from Parents with regards to home/school links.

Some of the feedback received from our parent questionnaire:

“It is nice to see your child enjoying a different environment and learning new things.”

“I love being able to see what my child has been up to that day.  It helps me to set up activities at home too on topics he is currently learning about.”

“It’s lovely to see my child happy and learning new things at school.”

“I love it! I like seeing and hearing what she has been up to during her week.  We enjoying talking about the activities she has taken part in and developing on these at home.”

“Being able to see progress she is making is great! I also like to show you what she has been doing at home.”

“I love the continuous flow of communication between home and school.”

“I find it an excellent tool to link school with home, it helps us to focus on a specific area of learning at home too. It also helps us to identify different areas of learning and keep up to date with her progress.”

“We have really seen the benefit from using this app, I find it quick and easy to use and is great linking home and school. Thanks you!”

“It’s a fantastic app and what a lovely idea.  It gave me the reassurance in the early days when he just started that he had settled well and was enjoying school.”