French Café Days - 11th & 12th July

24th June 2022
To celebrate the French National holiday, Bastille Day (14th July) Madame Hodgson and the KS2 children are hosting two “French Café Days” where children can come along and experience a taste of France!
Children throughout school are invited to come along to taste some French treats, listen to some French music, try some new activities to try and the KS2 children will teach everyone a French song.
There will be snacks to buy to help raise funds for the Year 6’s end of year celebrations, so can children
please bring in some “Shanklea euros” on their day! (Everything will be 50p or £1)
Year 1 and 2 children may come along on Monday 11th July; Nursery and Reception on Tuesday 12th July. Each year will be partnered up with a KS2 class. If the weather is poor, we will set up in the allocated KS2 classrooms. Key Stage 2 children may bring in some money to purchase snacks on either day.
Staff and children are encouraged to use French as much as possible! Some key phrases you might need are:
“Bonjour!” - hello “Merci” - thank you
Je voudrais” - I would like this (and point to something)
“S’il vous plaît” - please “Bon appetit!” - enjoy your food!