Year 5

Year 5 Curriculum Overview


Autumn Term


Use of Class Diary


Your child will be provided with a class diary which they must bring to school every day. Children will be required to record all homework and equipment necessary for each day. Important dates will be recorded. Please ensure parents sign the diary once a week.




Maths - Frog Learning, MyMaths and Sumdog will continue to be used for online homework. Written homework will be given at intervals throughout the term. This will be given out on Thursday for the following Tuesday.


English - Children will continue to use their reading journals for homework. The children will be asked to choose from a selection of tasks following on from work they have covered in class. The work will be based upon the books the children have chosen through Acceleread.  This will be given out on Thursday for the following Tuesday.


Spellings – The spelling units will run over 2 weeks with a spelling test at the end of the unit, every other Friday.


Please help and encourage them to complete and hand in homework on time.




The children will be studying a unit of work, reading the book Street Child  based around a historical setting and the origin of Barnardos. This will allow the children to develop skills in historical research as well as their grammar and punctuation.  Then we will be studying a unit on instructions to develop sequential writing, before moving on to A Christmas Carol in the run up to the festive season.


Reading Rollercoaster 


The Reading Rollercoaster challenge will be starting again in Septemeber and to move on the rollercoaster the children will need to get two signed entries in their Reading Record per week.




Children will progress through the National Curriculum Units A1 – E1. They will work through different methods of calculation, using more efficient methods. They will increase their knowledge of fractions and decimals work with a variety of measuring apparatus and complete investigative work using data handling skills. There will be an increased focus on problem solving and reasoning skills.


This year, the Maths Mountain will be running again. Children can earn certificates for consistently good scores on Mental Maths and arithmetic tests (which take place on Friday mornings) and for bettering their own personal targets.  




Throughout this term the children  will study a unit centred around the question ‘What happened to the Vikings?’ The children will learn about the initial Viking invasions of Northern Britain, focussing on the geography of Scandinavia, the raid on Lindisfarne and the nature of the first Viking settlements. The children will also learn about the conflicts between Vikings, Anglo-Saxons and Normans leading to the eventual decline and overthrow of Viking society in Britain.




In Science the unit we are covering is Forces. The unit is designed to recap basic information about forces and lead to more complex areas of study.  The topic will include different types of forces, the main effects of forces, measuring forces in Newtons and mechanisms. 




In Computing the children will be learning about digital literacy and citizenship. They will work together to outline common expectations in order to build a strong digital citizenship community and use the internet safely and respectfully. They will learn the importance of citing relevant sources when carrying out research using effective strategies. We will then move on to coding using the Hour of Code website.




This term, the Art curriculum will be linked to the Viking topic. The children will study close observational drawing of Viking ships and produce creative montages. They will create paintings and clay models of dragon heads based on drakkars before constructing 3D model ships.




The children learn about controlling movement with a cam mechanism as part of a simple device.  They develop their design skills by using information sources and construction kits to help formulate an understanding of how cam mechanisms can be used to produce movement.  They extend their making skills by developing techniques in cutting, shaping and joining to combine components and by selecting tools and equipment to measure and cut accurately. They consider both the functional and decorative attributes of the finished product.




During the Autumn term, the Year 5 children will learn to ask for items in a shop or restaurant, including how much things cost. They will also be able to order items by weight from a market.




During the Autumn term, the Year 5 children will introduced to the recorder and will learn to play simple melodies in the lead up to the Christmas performance. They will learn to read and write basic musical notation for pitch and rhythm.


PE / Games Information


Children should have a suitable PE / games kit for inside and outside. This should include an appropriate change of footwear. Children will not be allowed to participate in physical activities if they are wearing jewellery. All children are encouraged to wear the school logo kit, details of which can be provided by the office.


PE will be on Monday and Tuesday afternoons.




During the Autumn term, the Year 5 children will study a unit on God and other beliefs in the Islamic faith. Children will reflect on links to other religions such as Christianity. They will be taught about the importance of the Qur’an to Islam and how the concept of Allah helps to guide Islamic belief.




During the first Autumn half term we will be looking at law and order coupled with human rights. Throughout the 2nd part of the term we will be discussing ways in which people deal with grief and conflict.