Year 5

Year 5 Curriculum Overview - Autumn 1

 Use of Class Diary

Your child will need to bring their class diary to school everyday. This will be used as a means of communication between home and school. Your child will use it to record any resources they require, any homework they are set and events that will take place. We ask that you sign the diary at the end of this week.


Accelerated Reader

Your child will continue to read books through the Accelerated Reader. On completing these books they will undertake quizzes in school. The results of these will earn them points which will earn them certificates. The first certificate will be awarded when the pupils have read three books and earned 10 points. We ask you to encourage them to read regularly and record these books and quizzes in their Reading Journal.

Reading Journal

Your child will be allowed to choose an activity to complete once a fortnight. They will be told which area of the journal to choose an activity from. After week one they will be asked to show a plan or the start of their homework which will be completed by week two. These tasks will be set on a Thursday to be completed  a week on the following Tuesday.


Your child will be given spellings to learn each fortnight. They will complete activities within class to teach them the rules or pattern they are working on. We ask you encourage them to study these words and talk about how these rules apply to other words that are not in their spelling list.

Maths Homework

Homework will be given out each Thursday to be returned to school by the following Tuesday. The homework will alternate between online and paper based activities where children will consolidate work covered in class.

Maths Mountain

The children will continue to work towards achieving bronze, silver and gold certificates on the Maths Mountain by completing weekly arithmetic tests where they will be expected to be accurate and efficient.


In English the pupils will be developing their word and sentence skills and applying these to produce independent pieces of writing. They will build upon the skills they have learned in Year 4 and apply these to their Year 5 work.  The children will study the book ‘Street Child’ and learn about life in the Victorian times.  The children will have the opportunity to explore characters and their relationships.  The children will look at a range of information texts and use the IPads to carry out their research.


The children will begin the Autumn term by focusing on values of digits within numbers, partitioning numbers, ordering numbers and comparing numbers. Once the children have mastered these skills we will progress on to the four formal written methods. We will make sure we can use our understanding of number to make estimations and check for accuracy. Throughout the term we will completing a number of mental maths activities to improve our accuracy and speed. We will also be practising our arithmetic skills throughout the term.


In Science the children will be studying work on forces and friction. Throughout this unit they will explore many aspects of forces by carrying out a series of investigations and experiments. The children will also use cross-curricular skills to learn how to write up and experiment report accurately, supported by graphs and charts of data.


In Humanities this term we will be asking the question – how would our lives be different if the Ancient Greeks had never existed? They will begin by revising  geographical language and knowledge associated with Greece – countries, continents and seas. They will place the Ancient Greeks in a timeline demonstrating knowledge about AD and BC.  They will then learn about life in Ancient Greece using art, drama and written skills. They will study other areas such as the structure of society, Greek inventions, the Gods and  language. They will consider the legacy the Greeks have left behind.


During this term the children will be taught to be safe and responsible whilst using the internet and technology.  As part of their education, we will teach them how to remain safe whilst online and how to use technology both appropriately and effectively.  This module will concentrate on creating a society that is well informed about how to protect themselves online whilst promoting the use of technology. Children will learn that appropriate, respectful ways to communicate are important, whether online or offline.

PE / Games Information

Children should have a suitable PE / games kit for inside and outside.  For indoor PE, this should be black shorts and a plain white or school t-shirt. For outdoor lessons the children will need an appropriate change of footwear and warm tracksuit style clothing. Children will not be allowed to participate in physical activities if they are wearing jewellery. All children are encouraged to wear the school logo kit, details of which can be provided by the office. To allow for weather conditions and variations in timetable, children should bring both kits on the following days:

Class CC5 – Tuesday (PM) Thursday (AM)

Class KN5 – Full Thursday afternoon (Swimming Autumn term)


During the Autumn Term, the Year 5 children will learn to read musical notation, in terms of the pitch of the notes and the length of the notes and rests in music. They will learn how to write them and practise their knowledge using the recorder. They will continue to play the recorder in the second half of the term in preparation for supporting the Christmas performance.


To build upon their humanities topic the children will study Greek pottery, designing their own 2D and 3D pots. They will use a variety of media from pencils, paint and clay.


During the autumn term children will be answering the question ‘Who is Jesus and why do people still follow him?’ This unit examines how Christians think of Jesus, how Jesus taught people about God and how Jesus has influence through his teaching on those who follow him today.


During the autumn term the children will be identifying their strengths and setting goals for the future. They will consider the skills they will need to be successful and make their contribution in the working world. They will also learn about stereotyping and discrimination against people in society.


During the Autumn term, the Year 5 children will learn how to order drinks or ice-creams in a café. They will learn how to ask for items at a market, in terms of how much they cost and how much they weigh. They will learn how to describe things that they do on holiday, including countries that they visit and places to stay. They will be introduced to the past tense and talk about days out at the zoo or the beach.