Year 5

Year 5 Curriculum Overview


Summer term 1 2018.


Use of Class Diary


Your child will be provided with a class diary which they must bring to school every day. Children will be required to record all homework and equipment necessary for each day. Important dates will be recorded.




Maths - MyMaths and Sumdog will continue to be used for online homework. Written homework will be given at intervals throughout the term.


English - Children will continue to use their reading journals for homework. The children will be asked to choose from a selection of tasks following on from work they have covered in class. The work will be based upon the books the children have chosen through Acceleread. Tasks will generally be set over a two weekly basis which will give the children time to reflect on teacher feedback.


Please help and encourage them to complete and hand in homework on time.






 During this term, children will be learning how to correctly write using direct speech to convey a character’s personality and actions. We will be learning about the importance of punctuation in direct speech (speech marks, commas, exclamation marks, question marks). We will be reading ‘There’s a boy in the girls’ bathroom’. We will draw inferences about characters' feelings, thoughts and motives from their actions and justifying inferences with evidence. We will also explore dilemmas.


Reading Rollercoaster


Following the success of the Reading Rollercoaster last year, we will be starting again this academic year. To work towards their Bronze and Silver Awards the children will need to have the following:


  •          At least two signed entries in their Reading Record per week




Children will progress through the National Curriculum Units D2-B3. They will work through different methods of calculation, using more efficient mental and written methods. They will increase their knowledge of percentages and fractions. They will also use protractors to measure angles. The children will be identifying 2-D and 3-D shapes using their properties. They will also be reflecting and translating shapes. There will be a greater focus on the presentation of formal written strategies. The children will also complete weekly arithmetic sessions to develop their calculation skills with all four operations, fractions and decimals.


The Maths Mountain will continue to run this term. Children can earn certificates for consistently good scores on Mental Maths and Arithmetic tests (which take place on Friday mornings) and for bettering their own personal targets. 



 This term, children will study the basic layout of the Solar System and information about the planets and Sun. Key ideas will be developed. In particular, different orbits; day and night; and the apparent movement of the Sun during the day will be taught. We will also study the four seasons and how we have benefited from space exploration.


 The children will learn how the news is delivered and the differences between local and national news reports. The project culminates in the children recording their own news report.  


In Humanities, the children will continue to study the geographical features of the Rainforest habitat, learning about where rainforests are located and the different layers within the rainforest. The children will also be learning about the Mayans. In particular, they will study Mayan religion, sports, civilisation and invasions which they suffered. Furthermore, the geographical origins of the Mayan people will be studied. Children will learn the names of all the countries in which the Mayans inhabited.


During the Summer term, the Year 5 children will continue to develop their skills of using musical notation to play jazz style music. We will be moving on to a unit called ‘Classroom Jazz’ which will be focussed around the songs ‘Three Note Bossa’ and ‘The Five Note Swing’.

PE / Games Information

Children should have a suitable PE / games kit for inside and outside.  For indoor PE, this should be black shorts and a plain white or school t-shirt. For outdoor lessons the children will need an appropriate change of footwear and warm tracksuit style clothing. Children will not be allowed to participate in physical activities if they are wearing jewellery. All children are encouraged to wear the school logo kit, details of which can be provided by the office. To allow for weather conditions and variations in timetable, children should bring both kits on the following days:


Class LG5 – Monday and Tuesday.

Class DC5 – Monday and Tuesday.



We will be studying Hinduism during this term. Children will learn about various Hindu deities and the stories which are told about them. Children will be taught how important each Hindu God is to the Hindu people and why they have more than one God. Children will learn about the origins of Hinduism and about the countries in which it is followed.



 During this term, we will be studying communication. Specifically, we will look at the importance of confidentiality and listening to others. We will also discuss various social scenarios and how to respond to them.


Technology Rotation


Throughout the year, the children take part in the following activities on a Thursday afternoon:

Art, Food Technology, Swimming and Design Technology.

These activities will take place over a 9 week rotation.